How to Care for Your Naturally Dyed Product

Please keep in mind that a little more care and attention is required for keeping your naturally dyed product looking its best. Consider airing over washing and if laundering is required, do so as infrequently as possible. Hand-wash in cold water using a pH neutral detergent, such as Ecover. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry and do not dry clean.
A great deal of work goes into the process of natural dyeing and important steps are taken to create long lasting, beautiful colours. The fabric is first scoured to remove any oils or waxes that could block the dye from penetrating the fabric. Then the fibre is soaked for many hours in a tannin and alum bath so that the dye can attach itself effectively to the fabric, creating a more colourfast garment. Once the desired colour is achieved, the fabric is then laundered using an eco-friendly detergent.
You may notice some pigment fade over time, as is also the case with any synthetically dyed garments. You will, however, find that there is a much more substantial beauty in the varying shade of a naturally dyed product than in the dull hues of synthetic dyes. I encourage you to embrace this elegant ageing process and celebrate its natural ‘living colour.’