Our Story

Alison Nea is a textile designer from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, and the founder of Modh.’ Her natural dye practice originated from a passion for textiles and a curiosity for the art of creating vibrant colours and eco prints straight from Mother Nature. Each piece reflects her dedication to preserving the environment while celebrating the timeless elegance of Irish linen, using ancient methods to create contemporary designs. With a background in costume design for film and theatre, having worked on high profile films such as ‘The Last Duel’ starring Matt Damon and Adam Driver, Alison discovered her niche through a desire to create textiles that worked with nature rather than against it.

As well as foraging for dye materials locally and sourcing from the West of Ireland, Alison began cultivating her own dye garden last year and successfully harvested a number of dye flower species that she is now using to eco print Modh’s latest collection. In recognition of her commitment to sustainability and innovation, Alison was shortlisted for the prestigious Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) Future Makers Sustainability award in 2023. Her ambitions for 2024 are to continue to expand Modh’s dye garden and offer a wider choice of floral eco prints for their clients.

Daphne, Modh's official foraging expert and unofficial squirrel chaser.