The title of the collection carries a double meaning - drawing inspiration from the therapeutic practice of working intimately with nature and the literal soil that cultivated the plants used to create the fibres, colours and prints for the collection.

Natural, Durable, Stylish

Modh is an Irish textile company founded in 2021 by artist and designer Alison Nea. We create bespoke textile pieces with a focus on sustainable fabrics, natural dyes and eco prints. The name Modh (pronounced ‘moe’) translates from Irish as ‘method,’ which is central to the slow and conscious process in the extraction of colour from nature and the hours that go into the drafting, cutting and sewing of each and every garment.

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Eco printing is an environmentally friendly dyeing technique that involves using leaves, flowers, and other botanical materials to create prints on fabric. The process involves bundling the plant material in fabric soaked in natural minerals and then steaming or boiling it to transfer the pigments from the plants onto the material. The result is a unique and organic pattern.

Inspired Minimalism

Inspired by the timeless style of vintage French workwear, Modh is now offering a choice of four capsule pieces for your wardrobe that can be eco printed or naturally dyed in a botanical colour palette of your choice. Each garment is handmade in Irish linen on a made to order basis and is designed to be worn either separately or as a set. The four garment options include; an ever versatile chore jacket, comfy but chic wide leg drawstring pants, a loose fitting shirt with a stylish grandfather collar and a pair of edgy overalls with adjustable straps.

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Check out our brand new 'Eco Printing With Flowers' Workshop in the fairytale surrounds of Knockrose Gardens.

Now taking bookings for July 6th, August 10th and September 7th.

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