Beautiful, Handcrafted, Natural

Modh is an Irish textile company founded by artist and designer Alison Nea in 2021. We create bespoke textile pieces with a focus on sustainable fabrics, natural dyes and eco prints. The name Modh (pronounced ‘moe’) translates from Irish as ‘method,’ which is central to the slow and conscious process in the extraction of colour from nature and the hours that go into the drafting, cutting and sewing of each and every product.

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Eco printing is an environmentally friendly dyeing technique that involves using leaves, flowers, and other botanical materials to create prints on fabric. The process involves bundling the plant material in the fabric and then steaming or boiling it to transfer the natural pigments and tannins from the plants onto the material. The result is a unique and organic pattern.

Inspired Minimalism

Inspired by the timeless designs of vintage French workwear, Modh aims to produce a captivating capsule collection featuring minimalist contemporary pieces with a natural colour palette or botanical print twist. Leading the charge is the incredibly versatile Chore Coat, which is now available on a made-to-order basis.

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