Treat yourself to a wholesome afternoon of creativity in nature, or choose a discounted ticket for two and experience the happy day with a loved one!

"This experience exceeded expectations due to how knowledgeable, prepared, and personable Ali is. The whole process of dyeing cloth using leaves we picked along gorgeous Killiney Hill was fascinating. It was so exciting to unwrap our dye rolls to reveal the end products. For tourists and locals alike, this is a fantastic outing: you get to see one of the most beautiful and iconic sites in all of greater Dublin, and you get to make a lovely souvenir of your trip, learning a great deal about nature in the process. I loved every minute of this."

Bonnie July 2023

Forage and Eco Printing in Killiney

Create your own textile print from oak and blackberry leaves on authentic Irish linen and bring it home as a decorative piece of art or wear as a trendy scarf!

Alison will guide you in a leisurely leaf foraging walk through the woods of Killiney Hill, as she explains the fascinating process of the extraction of colour from plants.

After a light hike to the Obelisk at the top of the hill, take in some dazzling sea views of Dublin Bay.

Your foraging trip will end back at the base of the hill in the cosy and picturesque Druids Chair Pub, where you will be led in the fascinating centuries’ old technique of eco-printing.

Create a one-of-a-kind design that is not only beautiful but also friendly to the environment. Each piece is a reflection of the natural world and the colours and patterns found in it, making them truly special and meaningful.

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