All the fabrics and threads I use are natural and when they have been worn to their last day, they will biodegrade back into the earth. As we become more aware and concerned with the consequences of the mark we have made on the natural world, I felt that it was vitally important for me to create products that will not harm the planet. My linen, produced from the flax plant, is woven in a mill on the east coast of Ireland in Co. Wexford. My silks are sourced from a CFS (Circular Fabric Standard) European company that repurposes unused or over produced fabrics from fashion houses, saving them from the incinerator. And my belt buckles are sourced from various vintage companies around the world.
My packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, all sourced from companies in Ireland.
All my items are handmade to the highest quality and are thoroughly checked before they are posted off to their forever home. If you have any issues with the item when you receive it, I am very happy to discuss any queries, please email me at